Published works of Blackie the Photographer in Books which fail to Credit.

The books on this page contain known Blackie the Photographer photos but no credit was given for the photo.

1954- Kichi Okinawa contains 3 known Blackie photos
1968- Patrol Squadron Twenty-Two Naha - Walsworth Marceline, Missouri contains 32 known Blackie photos

Two of the books listed are very questionable as to date and they have no credits for anyone listed in the books. Okinawa in Photos and Okinawa A Graphic Glimpse are both identical as to content except the title on the cover, and the content is a duplicate of the last half of the content of The Dream of Hatsue published about 1967. See the Blackie Published Books section. The Dream of Hatsue was done by Blackie and contains his photo and a personal message so there is no question it was a book he published. Blackie left Okinawa in 1968 and because both Okinawa in Photos and Okinawa A Graphic Glimpse were both published by Walsworth who also published The Dream of Hatsue it is believed that they probably had the rights to the photos and therefore published and sold the other two books on Okinawa after Blackie left Okinawa.

ca 1969 - Okinawa in Photos - Walsworth Marceline, Missouri
ca 1970 - Okinawa, A Graphic Glimpse (same content as Okinawa in Photos, but different title) Walsworth Marceline, Missouri
1987- Okinawa Postwar History in Photography - Japanese text - Okinawa Times - 2 Blackie photos
2006- Okinawa Archives Photographic Collection - Japanese text - 3 Blackie photos

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